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Our personal service and attention to detail sets Humes apart from the large chains and franchises. Over two decades into his career, founder Steve Humes personally oversees every customer's monthly service application.


Plant / Turf Specific Fertilization

A regular fertilization program is necessary to maintain good quality turfgrass. Dollar for dollar, fertilization does more to improve poor quality turfgrass or maintain good quality turfgrass than any other single management practice.
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Natural Organic Supplements

Organic supplements are made from naturally occurring plant, animal or mineral sources. Synthetic supplements force feed the grass plants too quickly with more nutrient levels than they really need. Turf greens up quickly, but the effect is short lived. With organic supplements your lawn will retain its color longer and more uniformly throughout the season.
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Weed Control (seasonal schedule)

Weeds threaten the survival of many plants and animals as the weeds compete with native plants for space, nutrients, and sunlight. This can leave your lawn unattractive and sparse.
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pest control

Pest Control (as needed)

No matter where you live, you battle pests that munch, chew and feast on your turf. We can fight back those pests and return your lawn to a rich and beautiful state.
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Proprietary Water Conservation Treatments (ongoing)

Trees and plants need water, but not too much. We make sure your plants receive the right amount of water they need and when they need it while making your soil more efficient with the water it gets.
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Monthly Lawn & Landscape Maintenance

Say goodbye to all the chemicals and fertilizers in your garage and turn your horticulture program over to a professional. We make sure every plant, tree and turf area gets exactly the right nutrients year-round to build healthy cells and beautiful lawns.

Hourly Consulting

If you’re embarking on a new landscaping project, or attempting to correct existing problems, Steve Humes can provide valuable insight. A degreed Horticulturist, Steve regularly diagnosis problems and lays out site preparation and maintenance plans for both commercial and residential landscaping projects throughout Central Florida.

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