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Humes Authentic Horticulture Soluble Humate

Humes Soluble Humate is derived from ancient peat deposits, Humates return to the soil many of the properties essential for plant growth and health. Humes Soluble Humate stimulates microbial activity creating a more active, living soil where roots develop faster and deeper, and helps make nutrients more readily available to plants.

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(8 oz.)

Humes Authentic Horticulture Soluble Kelp

Humes Soluble Kelp is a dehydrated Ascophyllum nodosom (seaweed), farmed from cold Northern Atlantic waters. Humes Soluble Kelp provides naturally occurring plant hormones and nutrients known to accelerate growth, increase fruiting and flowering, intensify coloration, retards the aging process, and increases the storage life of fruits and vegetables.

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(6 oz.
Humes Authentic Horticulture Soluble Yucca

Humes Soluble Yucca is dehydrated yucca schidigera, farmed from desert plants that are adept at surviving in arid climates. Humes Soluble Yucca is a natural surfactant that opens up soil to air and water, increases water and nutrient uptake abilities of soils and plants, and relieves natural stress that inhibits bacterial activity.

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(6 oz.)
Humes Authentic Horticulture Organic Gardening Blend

A custom blend of soluble humate, kelp, and yucca, combining the attributes of these 3 elements into a synergistic soluble powder. Humes Organic Gardening Blend helps improve soils ability to retain, process, and release moisture and nutrients, making them more available to plants when they need them, and is a source of naturally occurring plant hormones and nutrients.

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Humes Authentic Horticulture Soluble Gardeners Set

All 4 Humes Authentic Horticulture Soluble Products in One Package.

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Humes Authentic Horticulture Lawn and Garden Set

All 5 Humes Authentic Horticulture Items in One Package.
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"Healthy soils grow healthy plants that can resist insects, diseases, heat and drought stress, frost and freeze damage, and reduce the introduction of man made chemicals into the environment."

All Humes brand soluble plant supplements naturally encourage soil and plant health, are compatible with each other, and offer synergistic benefits when used in combination. A safe, natural, and pure way to care for your plants.


Buyer assumes all responsibility for safety and use not in accordance with directions. Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and do not ingest. Not intended for human consumption.

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